The Remembering

is the healing

Surrender Into Calm

Grab my free 20 minute Crystal Sound Bath audio specifically designed to help you release anxiety and expand into your wholeSelf. 

I am not here to heal you because you do not need to be healed.

you are whole.

Beneath all the layers of anxiety, restlessness, fear, and struggle is your wholeness. I’m here to help you remember your wholeness and experience the connection between your physical and eternal self simultaneously. As you remember your authentic self more and more the layers naturally fall away leaving you with a clear and balanced energetic field enabling you to live and create a life in beautiful alignment with your true self.

The more we do this work, the closer and closer we get to experience our wholeness in our everyday life, making it so that all that is needed is an energetic tune up to help release normal life stressors and ground back into our connection with ourselves again.

Book a Session

Each Alignment Session includes a crystal bowl track, custom crystal grid, an hour long energy session, and a 30 minute call (90 minutes total).