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energetic alchemist

I transmute the heaviness in your energetic field into lightness so you can experience the miracle of immediately shifting from one state of awareness to another with ease and grace.


I'm Bridgette

I started diving into energy work after my third session of receiving it. I went from anxious, depressed, and struggling with insomnia to, well, not. Since then, I’ve found that energy work paved the way for me to change my habits with ease and helped to heal my allergies.* Each time I had an energy session in the early days I felt my true authentic self and wanted to give others that gift and so my journey into the healing arts began.

After years of training, exploring, and activations while doing this work for myself and others I no longer feel the intensity of the sessions like I once did because I walk in alignment with my whole self. I no longer feel the need to sit down to meditate because my every moment can be a meditation regardless of what I am physically doing.

This work is ingrained in me. It is a part of who I am and it is my greatest wish for you to feel this connection with yourself in your everyday life as well.

*I do not promise this work can heal physical ailments. Please see my disclaimer for more info.

what I'm about




Aligning to your truth and acting in it at any given time.


Being able to accept where we are at in our life and our humanness.


Experiencing the connection between your physical and your eternal self simultaneously.