Experience the Bigness of

who you really are

We are infinite. Our power and impact and beingness is limitless. And yet, we forget. That is the nature of being human. It is in this forgetting we tend to create a life by default and reaction not realizing that each time we do it creates another layer separating us from our true selves, and in that separation, a life that feels unsatisfying and ungrounded.

Separation from yourself can look like...

Connect back to who you are in your infinite as we clear and balance your energetic field.

Each Alignment Session is a reconnection to experiencing your unlimited self.

The more you experience that connection the easier it becomes to see all of the choices available to you and make the shifts and changes that bring your external life into alignment with your internal self.*

*Alignment Sessions are not about ‘fixing’ but rather help to support you to the point where it can feel effortless to take the steps to resolve the areas of discord in your life.

Client Testimonials

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  • Carol Whitney
    ...I feel the depth of what I receive and the lightness and joy she brings in that easily shifts density. These sessions are like an etheric spa.
  • Liliana Waugamon
    It's raw, powerful, caring and most of all it assists me in getting down to the deepest places of myself in order to clear it and expand further into the light that "I Am" from within.
  • Sandy Post
    It feels as a natural process much like the sunshine suddenly appearing from behind the clouds.