15 W Carbonate St. Hailey, ID


+1 (208) 309-2323

Hours (Winter)

Wed–Fri: 1–4pm
Saturday: 1–5pm
Sun–Tues: Closed

Also available by appointment. Don’t hesitate to call the number listed above, I’m often just minutes away and can meet you at the shop within 5-10 minutes most days.

Bridgette’s Place is my new crystal shop located in Hailey, ID. Here you will find gems, jewelry, art, crystal bowls & more! Check the calendar below for upcoming sound baths and events featuring various artists and healers in the valley!

Shopping by video and shipping is also available.


Crystal Bed

Light Therapy

Crystal Bed Light Therapy is an innovative healing method that utilizes color & light to rejuvenate your mind and body with spiritually-charged chakra-balancing quartz crystals. Color is transmitted through crystals onto the corresponding chakras, which cleanses, energizes and brings that targeted chakra back into balance with the other chakras in the body.

Event Calendar

Space for certain events is limited. Make sure to RSVP to any events you plan to attend that have the option (link in event description or simply click HERE to reach a list of all event rsvp options).