Sound Alchemy


Ready to play in the field of sound alchemy to connect back to yourself on a more regular basis? The membership is a great way to tap into the healing energy of the crystals and sound baths whether you are just starting your journey or desire some energetic assistance as you navigate deepening your own personal practice.

Let’s expand your expansion journey.

What's included:

Monthly Recordings

Each month I create (and deliver to your inbox ) a fresh energetic healing transmission with my crystal bowls.

Crystal Grid

Receive an image of a crystal grid to help assist with the energies. (Makes a great wallpaper background).

Group Sessions

I regularly facilitate live group events locally. With the membership you get virtual access.

Price: $37/month

Sound Alchemy Membership

To join, please select the nearest available time and finalize booking with payment information to activate the recurring monthly love exchange. (no appointment will be booked, but you will receive a welcome email at the address provided shortly)