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next group begins the week of 8/7/2022

The core intention of this mentorship is to get you feeling more aware and connected to your soulful layers while deepening your intuition.

This program is designed to activate and expand while giving you a firm foundation so you can build into your gifts. Remembering your Co-creation abilities with spirit and integrating it with the life you’re living now.

You will learn how to:

What's Included
The Details

Depending on integration of the materials and the attunements, we will have anywhere from 6-8 weeks together. There will be four classes lasting 2 hours plus the individual attunement. These will all be recorded and available.

A whatsApp group will be created for further support. You will have full access to me and your teammates to share and ask questions.

Price & Dates

Price for the series will be $1200 and we begin August 7th or 8th (TBD).

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are you feeling called to...

Every so often I offer mentorships to guide people who have been receiving energy work for a while to become an intentional energy worker (I say intentional because those who are feeling the call are often already an energy worker on some level).

For many people, their path into energy work begins with Reiki as mine did, however, having been practicing energy work and deepening my own journey with it I found that Energy is Energy and it does not need to be constrained to traditional methods and practices to be called in.

I’ll help you connect straight into Source energy rather than learning a specific ‘flavor’ (such as reiki, theta, etc) in addition to helping you become more familiar with other beings who are here supporting us and connecting to crystals.  By sharing this work in a manner that doesn’t have specific rules and constraints to begin activating and working with it (as other practices tend to do) helps facilitate my mentees in developing their own unique practice.

I guide my mentees on a journey that helps them activate and attune their connection to Source so they can discover and develop their own unique way of working with Source energy.

If you’re feeling called to work with energy I’d love to connect so we can get a feel for if a mentorship relationship would be a good fit for both of us.

  • Melissa V.
    It’s been revelatory and profound the changes for me over this time of the mentorship program. Thank you for sharing, being vulnerable and encouraging us.
    Melissa V.


Once I receive your application I’ll reach out with a phone call in the following 48hrs so we can have a conversation about being mentored by me.