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Sound Bath Recordings

Experience the healings of the crystal bowls

whether or not we have a session

Each month I tune into the energies being activated and set intentions for healing, then let the crystal bowls sing. These tracks carry their own healing and magic that you can activate anytime you listen to them. Follow your intuition to the recording that is calling to you or continue building your collection!

Each audio purchase includes one 50-60 minute digital recording of crystal singing bowls and contains an energetic healing transmission. Tracks will also be available through the Sound Alchemy Membership. Details coming soon.

Track of the Month

Bringing Children Back into Wholeness

A set of 2 tracks intentionally created by 4 beautiful healers to assist with healing our inner child as well as the children around us.  I utilize the beautiful frequencies of the bowls while the others inlaid numerous energetic layers for healing and empowerment.

Dancing Children (a 20 minute recording) is for the deeper dive and release of stuck, stagnant or traumatic energies getting in the way of joy and connection while Joyful Child (a 5 minute recording) is designed to quickly eliminate more surface distractions and emotional instability while getting one back to their center.

These tracks can be listened to on the go. Intended for all but especially helpful for kids who are highly sensitive,  have screen time & game addiction, add, adhd, autism etc.  Simply have on in the background while your child is doing a low level activity.

Price: $33

Calming the Chaos

Circumstances in this world can be a little too much sometimes. This track will assist with calming it all down. 

Price: $33

Getting into the Golden Flow

Designed to soothe and expand the mental body while assisting getting you back into the natural flow of your Being. 

Price: $33

Trusting the Opening

Fall into trust and surrender…. Intentionally recorded to get your brain out of the way and back into your center. 

Price: $33

Seeds of Happiness

Recorded during a thunderstorm. Tap into the intrinsic healing of nature and the bowls. A watering of the seeds…

Price: $33

Coming Back To Center

In this month’s recording enjoy the awakening sounds of nature intermingled with the bowls.  Enjoy the beauty of the water as it’s in full flow in the creek behind my home to the birds singing to the sunrise at the halfway mark.  Intentionally recorded to support and ground you into the now, aligning your energy field and expanding your heart knowing.  

Price: $33

Holding The Light

Activating, strengthening, and maintaining the light that you are. Designed specifically to get you out of your head and back into your center where you belong.

Price: $33

Center. Expand. Activate.

Feeling low on energy and too stuck in the “stuff”? This recording will recharge and soothe your central column so you can expand and activate with ease.

Price: $33

Embracing the Unconscious Within

A deeply grounding track to assist you with loving those parts of yourself that come up for review that were once unconscious. An invocation of clarity, self love and release.

Price: $33

Graceful Death

Specifically created to assist with the transition of death.  Encoded for an easier transition full of love, peace, and grace.  Allow this track to comfort all involved.

Price: $33