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Crystals and crystalline sound bowls are often used to help support, ground, protect, and balance our energetic fields. When a crystal or sound bowl calls to you it is often a sign that you are ready to bring in and work with its unique energy.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® are made of the highest quality materials which is why I’ve partnered with Crystal Tones® to be able to offer them to you through my online shop and my physical store, Bridgette’s Place located in Hailey, ID.

Crystals are great to place around your house, carry them with you, or use them to create crystal grids in ceremonies and rituals.

Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls are made up of the highest quality of 99.99% pure quartz crystal with differing minerals and gems melted into a bowl-like shape. These Bowls produce a very beautiful, ethereal sound of high frequency energy. These frequencies are so fine that they can permeate every cell of the body bringing emotional, mental and physical relief while entraining the brain into a meditative state.


Activates spiritual awareness. (available in various forms)

Bio Chi Pendants

EMF Blockers (purchase includes 3000 negative ion card)

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I have a multitude of crystals and bowls in my inventory that I’m slowly adding to my website. If nothing listed so far is calling to you please feel free to schedule a Shop With Me session or come to one of my crystal shows if you live in the Blaine County ID area. You can find more info about upcoming sound baths and shows under Events in the menu.

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Shop with Me Sessions are 20 minute zoom meetings where I’ll lay out all the options currently available (even the items that haven’t made it onto the website yet) and help you intuitively select the next bowl or crystal for your collection. All crystals and bowls purchased from a Shop With Me Session are uniquely attuned to assist with activating and supporting you on your journey before being sent your way.

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