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Each month I tune into the energies being activated and set intentions for healing, then let the crystal bowls sing. These tracks carry their own healing and magic that you can activate anytime you listen to them. Follow your intuition to the recording that is calling to you or continue building your collection!

Each audio purchase includes one 50-60 minute digital recording of crystal singing bowls and contains an energetic healing transmission. Tracks will also be available through the Sound Alchemy Membership. Details coming soon.

Track of the Month

Harmonizing Through Retrogrades

Going through a retrograde season with a wobble?  Then this tracks for you.  Designed to get you out of the mental body and back into your center of balance.

Price: $33

Graceful Death

Specifically created to assist with the transition of death.  Encoded for an easier transition full of love, peace, and grace.  Allow this track to comfort all involved.

Price: $33

Simplicity & Purity

Step into the joy of experiencing the simplicity of life. For the wisdom exists within the simplicity.

Created with the Purity set.

Price: $33

Surrendering into Flow

Enjoy the beautiful harmonics of the singing bowls with the flowing creek in the background. Designed specifically to get you into the Flow and Glow of your life.

Price: $33

Stabilizing & Centering

Feeling a bit wobbly in your field? Then this track is for you! Designed specifically to get you off the wobble and back into your Center.

Price: $33

Activation ~ Wholeness

Designed specifically so that one may Know and Feel their Wholeness even when you don’t. An expansion of the heart.

Price: $33

Blossoming & Solidifying

Stabilizing the seeds of ideas that have been planted so that you may blossom when the time is right. A journey into your Knowing.

Price: $33