Riss F.

Singing bowl sound baths with Bridgette Aldrich are a true synergy experience inspired deeply by the community in attendance for any given session as well as her intuitive access to deeper guidance and her relationship with the bowls themselves. She opens her heart to ask that whatever is in service for those who choose to attend, opening themselves to the vibrational field sustained and enlivened by the bowls, comes through her in pure intention. In this way, the bowls are activated by the specific energetic movements of the group and the intention that comes alive for each sound bath is a perfect match for the cohort. Bridgette knows her role is to bridge. This feeling of bridging is even alive within her given name. She senses the energy of the community and transfers the inner guidance and wisdom of everyone in the space, through her relationship with the bowls, to the unique, clear vibrations they create. This opens and sustains the space for expansion, healing, deep relaxation, clearing, inner clarity and general harmonizing of the energy field of everyone in attendance. This happens in a way specific to and uniquely in alignment for the group in the space. She loves her role and benefits right alongside the attendees - a mutual gift.

Melissa V.

It’s been revelatory and profound the changes for me over this time of the mentorship program. Thank you for sharing, being vulnerable and encouraging us.

Carol Whitney

I have received sessions from Bridgette to keep myself clear especially when I am within a deep process of transformation. Sometimes I am either to close to see what I need to shift objectively or it's just helpful to get a second pair of eyes. As a healer myself I feel the depth of what I receive and the lightness and joy she brings in that easily shifts density. These sessions are like an etheric spa. I find her assistance to be a beautiful way to honor myself.

Liliana Waugamon

There truly are no words in this reality to convey to anyone what type of energetic alignment and clearing Bridgette brings through so lovingly. It's raw, powerful, caring and most of all it assists me in getting down to the deepest places of myself in order to clear it and expand further into the light that " I Am" from within. I would definitely recommend getting a session from Bridgette. She is a true "Wholer" of all soul aspects.

Sandy Post

Bridgette’s work is clear, pure, precise, powerful and so important it cannot be overstated. She “took my trash out” from my person and my ‘personal’ in a magical physical experience this morning. We worked to clear Akashic records she tells me, and I felt warm, light and cheerful afterward. I am thrilled to be the recipient of her work as she accelerates healing, opens and grounds channels and chakras, easily Lights our Energy Source and humbly performs a Cosmic clearing that I cannot do alone. It feels as a natural process much like the sunshine suddenly appearing from behind the clouds. She is a Master of her craft! She led me into my own wholeness with grace and ease. Thank you Goddess Bridgette.